Samsung Galaxy Note10+'s display earns A+ rating from DisplayMate

Samsung Galaxy Note10+'s display earns A+ rating from DisplayMate

The Galaxy S10 broke over a dozen display-related records in DisplayMate’s testing, but the new generation is here – the Dynamic AMOLED screen on the Galaxy Note10+ broke 12 display records with major performance characteristics seeing improvements.

The screen set the record for absolute color accuracy, contrast and intensity scale accuracy. Automatic color management makes sure that the correct color profile is used when displaying content, so you don’t have to worry about display modes.

If you do want to select the mode manually, DCI-P3 Natural is achieves an Absolute color accuracy of 0.4 JNCD (a new record). The screen is among the first to reach 100% DCI-P3 coverage thanks to the “Deep Red” OLED. sRGB Natural Mode also results in 0.4 JNCD, this mode is commonly used for photos and videos from camera, TV and other content.

The display on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is brighter than ever too. With High Brightness Mode turned on, it reaches up to 778 nits with an all-white screen, beating the Note9 screen by 10%. The peak brightness is a record-setting 1,308 nits (though with much less of the screen showing white).

Viewing angles are not quite perfect, however. The white shift at a 30° angle is 2.8 JNCD – small enough that it’s unlikely you’ll notice, but the Galaxy S10 scored 0.7 JNCD in this metric. Both displays lose just under 25% of their brightness when viewed at a 30° angle.

Here’s the full list of the 12 display performance records matched or broken by the Note10+: