Amazon leaks Motorola One Action, reveals price and launch date

Amazon leaks Motorola One Action, reveals price and launch date

The Motorola One Action has leaked before, but thanks to a blunder by Amazon Germany, we now have early pricing and availability info. A product page was briefly available (now pulled down), which also revealed specifications and images.

The phone will go on sale on September 7 (according to Amazon), following a reveal at IFA. The top-specced model will cost €300. It comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage, but leaked specs suggest that there will be cheaper configurations – 3/32GB and 4/64GB.

The Motorola One Action gets its name from the 117° ultra wide-angle camera on the back – the “Action Cam” (GoPros and the likes typically have ultra wide lenses). Next to it will be a 13MP main camera and what appears to be a depth sensor. The selfie camera is in a punch hole in the top left of the screen.

Speaking of, the phone features a screen with the rare 21:9 aspect ratio, which is also used on the One Vision. In fact, it sounds like the same panel – 6.3” big with 1080p+ resolution.

The chipset will be the same too, an Exynos 9609 (a slightly downclocked version of the 9610). As you can probably tell by the label on the back, this is an Android One phone. The phone will have the same battery as well, 3,500mAh, which will most likely support 15W fast charging. Even the price is the same.

Really, it’s the rear camera setup that seems to be the main difference between the Motorola One Action and One Vision. The Vision has a 48MP main sensor - higher resolution than Action's 13MP sensor - but the secondary module is only a 5MP depth sensor, no ultra wide cam here.